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"The best education consultancy you are looking for to fulfill your dream of getting a degree from the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA awaits you. Give us an opportunity to show you the path by providing you real time information about your study in USA."

Do you think police report is required for getting student visas and study in USA ?

Do you think you are compulsorily required to make property valuation and Chartered Accountant's documents to get student visa ?

Is affadavit of support letter is required while going for the interview ?

Do you believe that you need to provide a huge sum of money to education consultants to get scholarships ?

Do you believe your I-20 cost you tens of thousands of money taken by education consultancies ?

If your answer is"YES" to any one or combination of above questions, believe us, you are wasting your valuable time !!

Come and consult with us, send us email or contact our local representative in Nepal and China to get your myths cleared. Let us answer your each and every questions clearly. We guarantee we will clarify your misconceptions and guide you to the real path of success.

Go through our Online Expert System to find out where you stand in the process of getting ready to study in the United States.This system will give you some suggestions on what to do next on the basis of the answers you provide to the system.

We don't want you to be misguided and misinformed. We want to give you as much information as you need and let you know what might be the difficulties that you can face and how to tackle them even after your arrival to the United States as a student.

Let us serve you with our best efforts, knowledge and experience. Get direct consultation from America.